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2013 Calendar
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Der Blaue Reiter 2013 Calendar

August Macke Calendar

August Macke 2013 Wall Calendar

August Macke Calendar : Wall : 2013

Spend the year admiring a dozen colorful, luminous paintings by German Expressionist August Macke with this 16-month calendar for 2013. A painter, watercolorist, and decorative artist, Macke is most known for the luminist approach used in his later work, paintings that expressed moods and feelings t This 2013 calendar is produced by Tushita Publishing.
Kandinsky Calendar

Kandinsky 2013 Wall Calendar

Kandinsky Calendar : Wall : 2013

One of the brightest lights among modern artists, Vasily Kandinsky left a legacy that includes important work as a painter, printmaker, designer, and theorist. Considered the first true abstract artist, Kandinsky rejected objective representation and materialism in his art and devoted himself to exp This 2013 calendar is produced by Universe.
Kandinsky Calendar

Kandinsky 2013 Wall Calendar

Kandinsky Calendar : Wall : 2013

From Russia with Love. Vasily Kandinsky has been credited with painting the first modern abstract works and 12 of his finest abstract pieces are showcased in this stunning wall calendar for 2013. With color tones ranging from vivid to soft pastel, this fine art calendar is sure to delight any abst This 2013 calendar is produced by te Neues Publishing.
Klee Calendar

Klee 2013 Super Poster Calendar

Klee Calendar : Super Poster : 2013

Twelve gorgeous Paul Klee works will dominate any room that this beautiful Super Poster Calendar for 2013 hangs in. Paul Klee was a student of many different forms of painting, including expressionism, cubism and surrealism. He experimented with color theory and it has been said that his extensive w This 2013 calendar is produced by te Neues Publishing.
Klee Calendar

Klee 2013 Wall Calendar

Klee Calendar : Wall : 2013

Often described as a natural born draftsman, Paul Klee brings a clean crisp look to his work and the paintings showcased in this 2013 wall calendar are no exception. His highly individualist painting style was influenced by many artistic movementsGă÷expressionism, surrealism, and others are all evide This 2013 calendar is produced by te Neues Publishing.
Macke Calendar

Macke 2013 Super Poster Calendar

Macke Calendar : Super Poster : 2013

One of the leading members of the German Expressionist group The Blue Rider, August Macke brought to his paintings elements of the avant-garde movement that most interested him. With colors ranging from pastel to vivid and rich, this 2013 super poster calendar of August Macke works is sure to please This 2013 calendar is produced by te Neues Publishing.
Wassily Kandinsky Calendar

Wassily Kandinsky 2013 Wall Calendar

Wassily Kandinsky Calendar : Wall : 2013

Kandinsky's art is vibrant, full of movement and resonance, with dynamic lines and colors without distinct limits. This calendar is a must for those who like abstract paintings. EAN: 9783863235123 This 2013 calendar is produced by Tushita Publishing.
Wassily Kandinsky Calendar

Wassily Kandinsky 2013 Wall Calendar

Wassily Kandinsky Calendar : Wall : 2013

Wassily Kandinsky (1866 G㢠1944), born in Moscow, was not just a Russian painter and graphic artist but one of the great masters of modern art. He was also an outstanding representative of the pure abstract painting that dominated the first half of 20th century. Enjoy a dozen images of Kadinsky's col This 2013 calendar is produced by Magnum Publications Inc..

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Select your favorite 2013 calender from our thousands of choices including our Der Blaue Reiter Calendars assortment. Our calenders include almost every type of Wall Calendar, Daily Boxed Calendar, Desk Calendar, Engaement Calendar and more. We hope you like the selection of Der Blaue Reiter Calendars.

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